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We are looking for experienced auto mechanics specializing in transmissions. Call to schedule an interview.

Indianapolis Transmission Service Specialists

Kenny's Transmission Service is Indianapolis' transmission repair specialist. We specialize in both foreign and domestic transmissions in the Greenwood and Indianapolis area. Our goal is to fix each transmission to function like new. With many years of experience, Kenny's Transmission Indianapolis can fix it whether you have an automatic transmission or manual transmission.

Kenny's Trained Transmission Technicians

Kenny's Transmission of Greenwood hires only trained and certified transmission technicians in Greenwood and Indianapolis. Our service experts have the knowledge to correctly diagnose your transmission problems and fix only what needs fixing. We will find what is wrong with your transmission and repair it.

Free Transmission Diagnostics Service

We diagnose your transmission problems free. We do not charge for diagnosis and our technicians will explain to you the problem with your transmission and ensure you fully understand before we begin work. Kenny's Transmission of Greenwood pledges not to remove transmission from your vehicle in order to complete a diagnosis unless necessary and with your approval. Unlike other shops, there is no charge to remove the transmission from your vehicle.

We Do All Remove, Re-Build and Replace Work Ourselves

Using our highly qualified technicians, we do all the required repair work at our location. Many of our competitors simply remove and replace transmissions at their location, farming out the actual repair and rebuild work to third parties. And, some are franchise firms who incur additional costs such as franchise fees. Both of these type firms incur significant costs which ultimately get passed on to the customer. We are not a franchise, nor do we farm out any of our work. We do all the work ourselves, at our location, saving these additional costs and maintaining control over all aspects of repairing your transmission. Just like we have been doing for over 30 years. This results in lower prices, higher quality work and very satisfied customers who return to us for all their future transmission issues.

Guaranteed Transmission Repair in Indianapolis

We guarantee prompt and courteous transmission repair service because we want you to come back for all your transmission repair needs. Whether you drive foreign or domestic vehicle, we can service your transmission. Come in or call (317) 887-1371 today and let us put our years of transmission experience to work for you!

Let us put our years of transmission experience to work for you!

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