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Common Signs of Transmission Trouble: Problem indicators

Transmissions sometimes go out without warning.

Often though, there are warning signs ahead of time that can give indication that there's a problem.

Here are some signs of transmission trouble. These key indicators are often a sign of transmission problems.

Burning Smell
A burning smell can be an indication that the transmission is overheating. Transmission fluid cools the transmission down, and the burning smell of transmission fluid could indicate a leak, and is a sign that the transmission has started to overheat.

Shifting Troubles
Probably one of the most common symptoms of transmission problems, a vehicle that has trouble shifting or going into gear is a sign of transmission troubles. If your manual transmission often slips out of gear, you might need to have your transmission checked. Common causes of shifting troubles include low transmission fluid, the wrong viscosity of transmission fluid, or an adjustment of shift cables.

Grinding, Whining, Clunking. If any of these sounds familiar, it may be an indication of transmission failure. The most common signs of transmission failure are noises. These noises most commonly occur when changing gears.

Fluid Leak
A transmission fluid leak is another sign of transmission problems. Low transmission fluid levels can also cause serious problems. If you notice a reddish puddle underneath you vehicle, or if you suspect that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, be sure to have a service technician diagnose the leak as soon as possible.

If you suspect transmission problems, be sure to have your transmission checked out by a professional. It could be something as simple as low fluid, or a sign that your transmission needs to be serviced.

Check with your transmission repair shop, to find out if your vehicle is in need of a transmission service. Proper transmission maintenance can help you to keep your transmission in good condition for longer, and can help to prevent premature transmission failure.

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