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Fixing a Transmission Fluid Leak

When you own a car that has more than 70,000 miles on it, the likelihood of having a leak somewhere in the area near the transmission is quite high. No matter how good of care you take of your car, seals wear down and begin to crack or corrode under any circumstances. This doesn't mean your car is under any serious make or break conditions immediately, but if left to get worse it will absolutely do serious harm to your vehicle. Here are some tips to fix your transmission leak before anything bad happens.

Before anything else, make sure it is indeed a transmission leak. The fluid in a transmission that would be leaking would be a brownish red color. If you see this color fluid underneath your car wherever you go, then that's most likely the giveaway. Once you know it is absolutely a transmission leak the next matter of business is determining the seriousness of the leak. If the leak is only a small puddle or a few drops here and there then a more simple solution is possible. However, if the leak is quite fast and a large amount of fluid is leaking it's best to get to a dealer or mechanic as soon as possible to make sure it can be saved before your car has serious irreversible damage done.

If it is simply a small leak then try to go to the store and buy a bottle of stop leak. There are multiple brands, but try to get one that looks like it is a higher quality one. Lift up the hood of your car and locate the transmission fluid cap. On most cars it is a red cap attached to a dipstick. Try to only pour in the amount of fluid that your transmission has leaked. Over filling or spilling the contents of the bottle can lead to much worse problems and a smoky mess when the engine heats back up. Use the dipstick to find the appropriate level.

If you find yourself continuously replacing the transmission fluid in your car then do yourself a favor and just take it into a shop.

They'll fix the problem at the cause and save you money on having to buy bottle after bottle of stop leak. Hopefully this gave you a solution to your transmission leak issues. Don't be too stingy. Although this may be a simple fix for a simple problem don't put off a repair for an issue that may be more serious.

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