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Tips on How to Avoid Transmission Repairs

There are some tip we can provide to help you avoid transmission problems. With a few simple steps you can avoid costly repairs just by following these steps:

  1.  Don't Abuse Your Transmission

    • The most common abuse is the continuous hard accelerations. A persons driving style can greatly affect a transmission. Inside clutches that apply when changing gears are meant to apply gently on most cars. Transmissions are intended to raise the oil pressure that applies the clutches under harder acceleration. The clutches struggle to grip thus shortening the life of the transmission.
    • The second most common abuse is not coming to a complete stop in reverse, before putting the transmission into drive, or vice versa. This will quick wear down the transmission gears. It is good to notify all drivers of the family so they may also be aware of the damaging effects on the transmission.
    • The third most common abuse is putting heavy loads affecting transmission life. All transmissions are evaluated for a certain amount of weight which usually isn't considered. If you're towing or hauling, then you should look into some upgrades that can protect your transmission.
  2. Keep your transmission cool.
    The more the transmission temperature is lowered, the longer it lasts. This is why we recommend an external transmission cooler on any car or truck. This is especially important for truck and tow trucks carrying substantial loads. Here's a key point to remember, installing a cooler costs much less than the cost of transmission repair from overheating.

  3. The Right Transmission Experts
    At Kenny's Transmission, we are proud of our technicians for their hard work and dedication. Our transmission specialists have a combined experience of over 100 years with transmission repair in Indianapolis, IN. We keep our team current with all new transmission equipment and the best possible tools to diagnose and repair any of your transmission problems.

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